General Information

・Contact us via contact form below.

・Please kindly note that wee may not reply soon.

・We don’t accept reservations by e-mail. Please reserve via contact form.

    Contact information for reservations

    Nagaki River Valley Information Center
    Address: 30-2 (in front of Seifuso Onsen), Aza Otaki, Yukisawa, Odate, Akita, Japan, 017-0021
    Phone:  0186 50 2555 (available only in Japanese)
    Business hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm
    Regular holiday: Wednesday,Thursday

    Contact information for interview and operation

    Corporate Headquarter
    Address: 15-22, 2 chome, Onaricho, Odate, Akita, Japan, 017-0044
    Phone: 080-1838-4005 (available only in Japanese)