【Operating period】

This year’s service is over.

From 17 April to 14 November 2021.

It will be open from mid-April in 2022.


【Regular holiday】

Every Tuesday and Wednesday are closed. But it opens every day from August first to the 31 and national holidays.


【Departure Time】


This table is rough. It varies depending on customers and weather conditions.

Web reservation deadline Reception deadline Instructions Departure Arrival
No.1 7:30 8:50 8:55 9:00 9:30〜9:50
No.2 8:30 9:50 9:55 10:00 10:30〜10:50
No.3 9:30 10:50 10:55 11:00 11:30〜11:50
No.4 10:30 11:50 11:55 12:00 12:30〜12:50
No.5 11:30 12:50 12:55 13:00 13:30〜13:50
No.6 12:30 13:50 13:55 14:00 14:30〜14:50
No.7 13:30 14:50 14:55 15:00 15:30〜15:50
No.8 14:30 15:50 15:55 16:00 16:30〜16:50



It runs every thirty minutes from 9 am. to 4 pm.

Depending on the congestion situation, a 30 minute flight may be suspended.

You can reserve a flight for 00 minutes per hour.

There is an explanation, so please finish the reception 15 minutes before departure.



【Trip time】

It takes about 30 minutes to 40 minutes.(It depends on the number of running and speed.)


【Experience fee】


Double riding /2,500yen/unit

4people /3,500yen/unit

Truck(Passenger car):1,200yen/person


Please take a look at the type of car.「Vehicle introduction」


【Boarding course】

Regular course:Kosaka railway(Abolished) In front of SEIFU-SO(YUKISAWA SPA)〜Yukisawa-onsen Sta. 〜Front “Aogan”(About 3.6 km round.)

Special course:June & July are the courses that go in the opposite direction.(A round trip for about 4km)

* The track is a single track. The staff will reverse the railbikes at the turning point.

* It will be dismissed as soon as it arrives at the starting point.


【Boarding procedure】

1)You can make a reservation for first of the month you experience. You can make a reservation from the website. Changes and cancellations are free. In the case of a phone, it is only in Japanese.

2)Please finish the registration 15 minutes before you get on the railbike.(Reception closes 10 min before departure.)

We accept it on the day, but it is served by first come-first-served basis. There are cases that you can’t get on the railbike during the busy season. The fee is in advance cash, We will give you a ticket. You need to sign the consent from except for the website reservation.

We check freshness and railbike, and We also have insurance. However, it is the activity of the track that was thrown away, Please make sure that there is a risk of danger and apply.

* We won’t advertise with the personal information you have filled in. We don’t give the data to other companies.

* It will be closed as soon as the capacity is reaches, but if there are vacant seats, you can get on the railbike even on the day.However, the reserved person has priority.

* You can’t ride only with children.

Departure point

3)We will explain the operation 5 minutes before departure.

* If it dose not come even when it is the departure time, it will be cancelled.

4)It departs from the first railbike in order. The staff will tell you the departure sign.(The railbike that the staff drives will lead.)

5)We will take a commemorative photo soon after it starts.(We sometimes take photos at the departure point on weekdays.)

The photo is included in the price.

6)It is a round trip course for 1.8km.(about 3.6km in toal.)It takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Please stop according to the instructions of the staff at the turning point. We turn the railbike upside down and wait until everybody is ready.

There is no toilet or rest facility at the point you return.

7)We will turn back on the contrary after everyone arrives. The return course is downhill.

8)The staff is waiting for the arrival. Please stop slowly according to the instructions. We’ll give you a commemorative photo.(One photo per railbike)

The fare is ¥300- for a copy or a dada sale. Please apply at the reception desk.



* You can get on a rainy day except storms.(There are cases that rust of the track jumps. Please prepare the rail gear that is okay even if it is dirty. We sell rain gears at the reception, too. It is dangerous, so you can”t ride it with an umbrella.)

* In the case of bad weather, it may be suspended without notice.

* It may rain after the departure, but we are not responsible.

* There is nothing to prepare, but it would be good if you have gloves and rain gear, drinks in the weather.

* In front of the reception, there is hot spring (Yukisawa onsen Seifu-so), You can also take a day bath.

* There are cases where wild animals appear on the track. If you encounter it, please wait for it to escape without stimulating it. If there is any damage caused by animals and plants, we will not take responsibility.

* Please refrain from those who are sick or have a chronic illness. Please understand that there are many place where there are many places where ambulances can’t enter.

* If you are riding with a pet, please take saftey measures such as putting it in a cage. You can use a basket of a railbike, but we can’t deal with an accident related to pets.



・The railbike runs from April 17th to November 14rd in 2021.

・Reservations can be made from the first day at 0:00 a.m. of previous month of the date you experience.(However, if you experience in April or May, you can reserve from April 1st.)

・We may limit a type of cars on weekday. If you have any requests for car, please contact us via contact form as soon as possible.


Reservation and Check-in


【1】Choose a vehicle type and the boarding date.

・See this page about the vehicle type.

・See operating calendar about the boarding date.

・Please confirm your settings so that you can receive e-mails from @railbike.jp.

・Please confirm that you type in your e-mail address correctly.

・Confirmation e-mail may not be delivered if your e-mail address, especially Gmail, contains a period before the @ mark.


・Reservations are accepted on the web up to 1.5 hours before the time you want to experience.

【2】 After reservations are made for sure, you can get an e-mail attached confirmation number. The number will be also needed when changing or canceling the reservation.

・If the e-mail is not delivered, let us know by e-mail or phone. Phone number: +81 186 50 2555

【3】Please finish check-in at reception up to 15 minutes before your departure time. The tickets will be given after payment. Payment is cash only.


You can’t make a reservation because it’s closed.


(The domain name will be changed to “railbike.or.jp” but don’t worry.)


★You can experience without reservation on the day.

・It is first-come-first-served basis.

・Come directly without reservation or call the reception (+81 186 50 2555) to confirm.

Note: Phone is only in  available only in Japanese.

・If it is crowded, you may not be able to get on the desired car for the desired time.


【Change the reservation】

・If you want to change the date or a type of car, click URL attached on the e-mail you received and click “changes the reservation”.

・Another way to change reservations, click “changes the reservation” under the operating calendar, and enter the confirmation number and reservation date.

・When the operating calendar shows, choose new date and car. The original reservation will be cancelled automatically, and then new reservation will be made. The e-mail of acceptance of change reservations will be delivered. ( In the case of change, the original confirmation number will become invalid and a new number will be issued.)


reservation change

You need your “reservation number” and “date”.

(The domain name will be changed to “railbike.or.jp” but don’t worry.)

If you don’t know the reservation number, please send me an email.


・If you want to cancel, click URL attached on the e-mail you received and click “cancel”.

・Another way to cancel reservations, click “cancel the reservation” under the operating calendar, and enter the confirmation number and reservation date.

・The e-mail of  acceptance of cancellation will be delivered.

・Cancellation is also accepted by e-mail. Please contact us as soon as possible.

・Cancellation is free of charge, but please contact us certainly before your boarding time.

・When you cancel the reservation on the day, please contact us via contact form as soon as possible.

* No cancellation fee is required, but please cancel before the departure time.



You need your “reservation number” and “date”.

(The domain name will be changed to “railbike.or.jp” but don’t worry.)

If you don’t know the reservation number, please send me an email.


・If you don”t come and finish check-in at reception up to 10 minutes before your departure time, the reservation will be cancelled. Your reservation can’t be rescheduled to subsequent another time, but please contact us by phone or contact form because it may be accepted as a new reservation.

・Please call (+81 186 50 2555) or e-mail us as soon as possible if it seems that you will be late while heading to us.

Note: Phone is only in  available only in Japanese.